Since 2006 with the current brand, and since 1995 as “Arts Accessories”, Vollá unites tradition, fashion and design in a mix of own manufacture products that guarantee your identity, without leaving aside the trends that are worth being followed every season.

The Volla has DNA in São Paulo, but Brazilian spirit. Its first store, located in the traditional neighborhood of Perdizes, was inaugurated 19 years ago and still keeps the same address as the point of reference for customers in the city.

And to meet consumer wishes in unison across the country, the VOLLA now takes an important step by opening up to the virtual world and allowing, with a few clicks, your products will reach any destination.

A roadmap thought fondly and strategy to the growth and strengthening of the brand.

Please contact us by e-mail volla@volla.com.br or by phone +55 11 2533-5684